What We Do

We provide a comprehensive suite of trading services for institutional investors, wealth managers, and retail traders.
Trading with us allows you to do good with every trade.

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Institutional investors

We provide a buy side trading solution with flexible order routing across Bloomberg, IRESS, and REFINITIV.

We facilitate and promote your ESG achievements across all social media and network platforms.


  • Data feeds and institutional order routing and settlement
  • Bulk/Suspense account trading
  • Short selling


Wealth managers

We supply trading tools and services for Advisors, Wealth Managers, and Financial Planners to make it easy for them to engage with their clients.


  • Integration into the major wealth platforms
  • Reporting on advisor and client level
  • Free trading software


Retail investor

We offer an easy online sign-up and funding process and our award-winning Trade for Good mobile and desktop app.

Institutional Offering

Trade for Good has partnered with Morrison Securities a full trading, clearing, and settlement participant of the ASX, this provides users the ability to tailor our product offering from retail traders, high net worth, and financial advisers to institutional trading.

  • Best in order execution, choose from IRESS(inc IRESS algo’s), Bloomberg and Refinitiv
  • Free adviser portal (GBST Front Office) to view all client accounts, run reports, or reprint contract notes or portfolio statements
  • Data feeds to all main external platforms
  • Client-sponsored HINs, no pooling of client assets. All cash is held in a segregated Client Trust Account
  • Live Linked CMAs, as well as Direct Debit, BPAY, and EFT settlement methods
  • Institutional settlement using Omgeo CTM, IRESS ETC or spreadsheet
  • Bulk / Suspense account trading

Trade for Good will work with any registered Australian Charity* to ensure your donations go where you want, and negotiable rates for the Institutional traders.
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*we can only work with listed charities on the ACNC.

Supporting your good deeds

Helping others and performing good deeds catch on, and that’s why it’s important we tell the world about the social impact you are having.

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our partnership and your services to our network and social media

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of your first trade promoted on all social media platforms

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On Going

promotion of your actions and who you are supporting, including tagging charities

Retail offering

Trade for Good has partnered with the market-leading software from Novus Fintech. We believe you should be able to trade on any device anywhere, Novus Fintech technology unlocks that freedom and functionality.

We offer all clients the Trade for Good mobile app and web FREE.

Trade for Good Mobile

It works on Apple, and Android phones, and tablets.

It has all the tools for charting, company news, market depth, portfolio tools, and trading functions in a mobile app. Both the mobile and desktop versions share trading information and customizable user watchlists, which are shared across the platforms.

Trade for Good Web

It has more bells and whistles than the mobile app, if you want in-depth technical analysis on the charts or thorough fundamental analysis, the desktop version gives you the function to do that. The desktop version also includes customizable layouts and pop-out windows, so you can set up and save your workspace and access it anywhere. If you add live dynamic ASX data(which will flow in the mobile app as well) it’s ideal for daily trading clients.

Have questions about the software, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Discover more information regarding the pricing of the Trade for Good software today.

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How does it work?

When buying and selling shares on the Australian Stock Market you are charged brokerage or a fee to complete that trade.

If you do a trade valued at $8,000 it will cost you $9.45 in brokerage.

What makes us different, we take that $9.45, minus the ASX Trading and Settlement fee then donate 50% of the remainder on your behalf to the charity of your choice.

So how do we make the donation?

Easy, when you set up an account with Trade for Good you select a charity of choice, for example, the “Save the Planet”.

So if you do a trade worth $8,000.

The brokerage fee for this trade is $9.45.

First, we deducted the ASX and Settlement fee, then of the remaining $5.78*

$2.89 goes to “Save the Planet” and $2.89 goes to us to run the business.

* all fees are GST inclusive, for more information on the fee breakdown please reference the Financial Services Guide.

How we compare

Click on the trade amount to see the comparison

Trade For Good


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Per trade
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Bell Direct


Per trade
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How do the donations get to the charity?

Once we have tallied up all the trades and brokerage and reconciled the numbers for the month, we will then transfer the 50% donations to “Save the Planet” and to the other partner charities.

From “Save the Planet” you will receive a tax receipt, this may happen monthly or at the end of financial year depending on the charity.

When you trade you will receive a trade confirmation from us and also a full transactional statement at the end of the financial year. This statement should be retained and used along with the receipts from “Save the Planet” for reporting in your tax return*.

* please speak to your Accountant for more information on how and if a tax deduction is applicable to you.

What can you Trade

At Trade for Good you can trade shares and ETF’s on the two main exchanges, the Australian Securities Exchange(ASX) and CBOE Australia(CBOE).

We try to make buying and selling shares as easy as possible, so that’s why we use IRESS and Novus Fintech trading software. Our trading software is the industry standard and is designed to make your trading experience streamlined and secure.

For information on the software, you will be using scroll down.

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  • Question: Can you call or email to place trades?

    Answer: No, we only accept orders via the software this will help reduce costs, so we can pass on the most amount of benefits to charities

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  • Question: Do you offer Options, Warrants, Futures or CFD trading?

    Answer: No, we only offer trading for equities and ETF’s (Exchange Trade Funds) on the ASX and CBOE markets. We have thought through and tailored our services to offer the best trading solution at the best prices, so we can pass on as much as possible to charities.

    Visit our FAQ’s for more information.

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Who do we use for Banking

To ensure the best trading experience we only offer direct deposit and Macquarie cash management accounts, cash management accounts provide a dynamic balance within the trading software. Learn more information on how to fund your account here.

Why is it important? when an order is placed to do a buy trade, we need to check that you have enough funds to cover that trade, the cash management account allows us to check it dynamically during the day.

When you sign up with Trade for Good, you will automatically set up a Macquarie cash management account, at no upfront or ongoing costs to you.

Learn more information on Macquarie’s cash management accounts here.

But if you already have a cash management account with DDH Graham or ANZ, please contact us for more information on how they can be used.

  • Question: When does the cash balance update into the software?

    Answer: Around 9.30 AM AEST, once they have a baseline of balance, it will update dynamically during the day.

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  • Question: If I have sold some stock, when will the cash balance update?

    Answer: The cash balance will not update that day (it will update in the T+ 2*) but you have something called a ledger balance. The ledger(or available) balance is the cash balance, plus(Sells) or minus(Buys) for the day.

    For example; If you have a $50,000 cash balance and sold $10,000 worth of stock, you would have a ledger balance of $60,000 available to trade for that day. Or alternately if you have a $50,000 cash balance and purchased $10,000 worth of stock, you would have a ledger balance of $40,000 available to trade for that day.

    T+ 2 is the trade day, plus 2 business days, which is how long a buy or sell takes to process the financial transaction.

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  • Question: If I sell stock, when will the money for the sale arrive in my account?

    Answer: The money will arrive on the trade day, plus 2 business days.

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  • Question: If I sell stock, when will the money from the sale be available to trade with?

    Answer: Instantly, as soon as the trade is done, your ledger balance updates with the proceeds and updates the ledger(available) balance.

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Equity is not just about the value of shares, it is also the quality of being fair, inclusive and impartial.  Trade for Good has partnered with Variety – the Children’s Charity to deliver equity to Australian children who live with a disability, disadvantage or serious illness in a simple and sustainable way.  On behalf of the children whose lives you will change forever, thank you for “trading for good.”

David Small CEO Variety Australia

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Pancare is proud to partner with Trade for Good. Alistair and Benjamin have a close connection to the cause and are passionate about supporting the work of the Foundation. They have created an innovative social impact business in the brokerage space that will help Pancare to improve, extend and save lives for Australians impacted by upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancer.

Doug Hawkins CEO Pancare Foundation

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So very un-broker-like – in the best way!

Campbell – Trade for Good’s choice

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“Great technology, helpful customer service, and helping charities”

Robert – Trade for Good’s choice

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Excellent! These guys are putting the big brokers to shame. Not only are they providing a good service but they are supporting charities!

Chris and Kirsty – Trade for Good’s choice

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