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If you have any questions about how to use our brand, please contact Alistair or Ben.

About Trade For Good

The passage below gives an overview of the impact that Trade For Good and our partnership have…….. You can use this on your website or other promotional material.
If this doesn’t meet your requirements if you need more or less, just ask Alistair or Ben.

Short version:

The first ever share trading platform dedicated to raising money for charities. We’re an online trading platform that believes doing good is more important than just making a profit.

Long version:

At Trade for Good you can trade Australian Equities and ETF’s and every time you do, it raises much-needed money for the charity of your choice.

We’re an online trading platform that believes doing good is more important than just making a profit.
That’s why we donate 50% of the brokerage on all trades to one of our charitable partners.
And the best part, you choose where the good goes!


We have several versions of them, all are applicable when used properly, check the guidelines below.

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Co-branding Guidelines

Co-branding shows a partnership between Trade for Good and a third-party organization. This represents an exchange

of credibility between brands. Ensure to follow the guidelines for a partner’s logo just as you would Trade for Good’s.

The below provides a guide for how we create a co-branding lockup. Ensure to divide the logos with a line that is our
Core Navy colour, and follow clear space requirements. The logos should feel balanced in terms of visual scale and
be horizontally centered to one another.

Horizontal logos

Your logo should be equal to the height between the top of the Trade For Good wordmark.


If we follow each other, it will make the world better.

Linkedin @tradeforgoodau(look for the G. icon)

Instagram @tradeforgoodau

Facebook @tradeforg

Twitter @tradeforgoodau

These guidelines may not be appropriate in all situations. Please contact Alistair or Ben, if you would like to discuss further.

Approval, Support & Questions

If you have any questions regarding the Trade For Good brand or would like additional support, email Alistair or Ben or contact us on 1300 263 800.